(Private chef options start at $600 and up)

(Buffet style only at home, private functions till Covid ends. Plated meals in all other scenarios)

Buffet pricing is custom and based on amount of people and the items requested.


Also if I am traveling to different city or state, travel fee will be added.

Family reunions, anniversaries .. same pricing as Birthday parties

Notice to customers: When consuming raw meats, and certain seafoods there are potential risks. These risks mainly affect the elderly, immunocompromised and pregnant women or children. We do our due diligence when preparing,serving and storing these items however we still must inform you. Also please inform the Chef or Servers of any food allergies you may have to ensure a safe dining experience.Notice if we are not informed of allergies we are not liable or responsible for any adverse reaction, so please give disclosure when ordering.

Catering Rates

Please note Private Chef and personal Chef rates do NOT include price of the food.  

Also special note : Some menu’s may cause pricing per person for catering to  be higher than stated here. For a better understanding so you know I am offering fair market rate click here

Birthday Parties

$35 per plate
Add $10 per plate if seafood or seasonal meats


$60 per plate
Add $10 per plate for seafood, special meats and seasonal meats

Personal Chef

$600 and up
I come to your home or your boat or hotel and cook a meal for you and your guests. Up to 6 people. Price ranges $600-1.5k

Private Chef

$1k -$3k
Cooking just for you more than once per week.


Platter Sales

Saturdays: 5pm-9pm 

Regular Meat Platters


Seafood Platters


Special Platters


20% Discount on group orders

*Platters include (large portions)*

1 meat

Up to 3 sides

Salad and bread

Extra meat $5 per piece

Extra side $3


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