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Correct Platters go on sale November  5 Only 25 platters will be sold!

You can still order platters currently to be delivered to you for an additional delivery fee ( based upon distance, deposit required) ALSO PAID COOKING LESSONS AND PERSONAL CHEF MEALS COOKED AT YOUR HOME ARE AVAILABLE NOW!

Due to state laws, I cannot operate at the level I’d prefer by Sept 5. However I can do the following, I can offer in home personal cooking lessons after which you get to keep the meal. The lessons cost and the meal is free.

I can also sell sauces created by me. In appreciation for the purchase of the sauces you will also be given a FREE platter.

I hope you’re excited to try my dishes!

I am Charlene also known as Sauce. A loving nickname given to me by my Longtime partner due to my love of sauces and extra sauce on everything I eat. I am a youthful, family loving 50 year old woman who is a self taught Chef. I first found I had a natural knack for making great recipes and foods around age 17 ish. I was pregnant and a senior in High School and my grandmother who raised me didn’t cook some of the types of food I like or wanted to eat.

There are still many things I need for my business prior to getting to the point where I am dealing with Health Dept and Inspectors

for final phase of getting the Business License. Being able to have this done in Sept (does not affect the soft opening) would mean everything.
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Charlene Sauce

ceo & chef

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Catering Rates

Please refer to Offerings Tab for more important details on catering pricing and personal Chef pricing.

Birthday Parties

$35 per plate
Add $10 per plate if seafood or seasonal meats


$60 per plate
Add $10 per plate for seafood, special meats and seasonal meats


Platter Sales

Saturdays: 5pm-9pm 

Regular Meat Platters


Seafood Platters


Special Platters


20% Discount on group orders

*Platters include (large portions)*

1 meat

Up to 3 sides

Salad and bread

Extra meat $5 per piece

Extra side $3 

Value Meets Taste


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