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The best cooking ever. I love saucesbest because she cooks with soul. The food is very flavorful. If you are anywhere near the Gainesville Ga area or ATL make sure you try Saucesbest catering. You will not regret it.
Health Care Worker
Hands down the best spaghetti I've ever had! I'm very big on taking their time when they make pasta and all about flavors.The aroma itself was so delightful the taste was even better!! Amazing food. Thank you so much saucesbestcatering !!!
College Student
One of my favorite dishes is Chicken Alfredo. My mother has cooked it for me over the years and until I tried Charlene's version I'd of sworn hers was the best. Charlenes is next level creamy and rich, the flavors are out if this world. This Chicken Alfredo is definitely worth trying. You will love it too.
Web Designer
A delectable mac and cheese made with love only someone who cares about their craft could make. I am extremely cautious when trying mac and cheese from others but this...THIS WAS AMAZING and nothing short of it. All the cheeses blended seamlessly together. I cant wait to make a visit in town and have some made for myself. Worth the price , amazing caterer!
College Student
I am a lover of food that speaks to my soul.. Flavors that spark old memories and helps to create new ones. Sauces Best Kitchen accomplishes this each and every time hands down. Fresh ingredients, luscious textures and flavors that make your tastebuds dance, I have no doubt others will catch on and be as in love with these food creations just as I have been for years. Go girl!! I’ve been lucky enough to have the pleasure of being fed by your talented hand and now the world will as well.
Of Ellenwood Ga
Hello Sauces Best Catering,I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you again for your allowing me to decide on what I wanted for dinner tonight and preparing it for me. Traveling from Baltimore to Atlanta was very tiring for me so to be able to arrive in ATL and have a homemade meal prepared for me and waiting for me was such a relief and the food was amazing. You definitely prepared one of the best Turkey Wings and Cabbage I’ve had yet . My favorite part of dinner however was the spicy chicken stew ! I love spice !!! I look forward to visiting SaucesBestCatering every time I visit ATL !The Best, Kash.
Kash The Hairstylist
Of Baltimore

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